Employee Gift Cards from Omaha Promos

Employee Gift Cards
You know Omaha Promos as your go-to, one call family owned industry leader in promotional products, custom apparel Omaha, branded merch, custom hats and caps, uniforms, trade-show giveaways and more, but we’ve got a fresh concept you may be interested in by way of an employee reward idea.

Employee incentive programs, at least the traditional model, are a bit passe. They typically involve a gift or gifts that are of dubious value and little practicality. Engraved glass paperweight, anyone? [sigh] Much of the time, these impractical gifts wind up in a file cabinet or the bottom drawer of a desk.

See the spanky blue Visa card this intrepid, young staffer is proudly showing off? Omaha Promos can provide you with prepaid Visa cards in whatever amount you choose and we can do a custom card design (e.g. color/pattern) with an imprint of your business or organization’s name that will really make a statement when they open it up at their next review or company Christmas party.

Face it. People want what they want. One size doe not fit all, nor does one employee gift work for everyone . . . unless it’s a custom prepaid Visa from Omaha Promos! You can be sure your staff will love these and they won’t wind up in the bottom of the desk drawer.

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New at Omaha Promos: Fusion Bottles!

prodyne-fusion-bottle-cocktail-shaker-fruit-infuser-xlTall and elegant in design, Omaha Promos’ newest promotional product are acrylic Fusion bottles! These truly unique bottles will add charm and practicality to anyone’s kitchen. You can use these fantastic Fusion bottles as cocktail shakers or to create your own healthy, fruit infused water.

Our fusion bottles are constructed of Styrene acrylonitrile resin (“SAN”) and are a BPA-free product. They’re constructed with a stainless steel cap and rim, a removable strainer to hold back fruit or ice while pouring, and they hold 32 ounces of your favorite beverage.

While Omaha Promos’ bread and butter remains custom apparel and custom hats, clothing and uniforms, we still do a tremendous business with branded merchandise, logo items and promotional product marketing. Studies prove time and time again that people enjoy receiving functional gifts. What better way to introduce a cool, practical concept to a valued client than your business or organization’s name on a bottle like this? Tres kewl!

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INFUSION v Screenprint

tpl_infusion_780x385_2014-5583The people behind the scenes at Omaha Promos have always prided themselves on creativity. Real creativity, not just trying to do something new for the sake of it, but genuine innovation when it comes to custom clothing, promotional products and branded merchandise.

Omaha Promos is proud to announce the next big thing when it comes to custom apparel and imprinted clothing and wearables: INFUSION. Two years in the making, INFUSION is a new full color process that differs from screen printing in the following ways.

> Higher resolution than low quality 75dpi screenprint

> A comfortable, breathable decoration compared to non-porous plastic ink

> Undetectable to the touch versus a bumpy or stippled finish with screening

> Unlimited colors for one setup charge

Imagine your custom apparel, formerly screen printed clothing and other decorated wearable items with a soft to the touch, undetectable decoration and razor sharp detail – all created by industry professionals with the passion and experience to keep you coming back for more.

For more on INFUSION and what it means for your custom apparel, company uniforms, custom t-shirts, decorated hats/caps and other branded wearables, click HERE!

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Custom Apparel: Valued Added, Omaha!


Custom corporate apparel by Omaha Promos is generally less expensive than formal business attire and can improve your company’s curbside appeal. According to industry research, corporate identity apparel sales are surging and for good reason – custom apparel can help build your corporate identity and boost employee morale (never a bad thing in business, no?).

Some things to keep in mind…

Anything made from organic or sustainable material is big right now. Omaha Promos has myriad options for your custom apparel strategy.

The newer polo styles are almost exclusively performance fabric driven. They look better, last longer, and are easier to maintain than older cotton designs. Way comfortable too!

Polyester, once shunned, has come storming back. You have a ton of options here.

Soft shell technology is dominating the casual corporate apparel and uniforms market. We have been doing some awesome jackets for our clients as of late!

Wrinkle-free, moisture wicking and stain/soil resistant fabrics are huge.

There is virtually nothing Omaha Promos can’t help you with in the world of custom apparel for your business or organization. The many product lines and companies you can work with are daunting. Let someone else do the work for you. Call someone local, family owned, a company you can trust. Call Omaha Promos.

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How to Own Your Brand

The study of human recall suggests it takes a person seeing, hearing, or reading of your brand at least 12 times in order for it to make a lasting impression. With this in  mind, how best can you make your brand visible to potential customers?

One of the most effective ways to increase brand visibility while increasing professionalism and boosting morale is through the use of custom apparel for your business or organization.

Omaha Promos, a fourth generation woman-owned small business here in the heartland, is a full service custom clothing/custom apparel vendor you can count on for the finest embroidery, screen printing, four color process, laser etching, metallic foil, rhinestone and other embellishments, applique, and mixed media sewing for all company apparel from high end sew outs on blazers all the way down to custom graphic t-shirts.

No camera ready art? No problem. Send us what you have and we’ll digitize your existing logo for a nominal fee. We can also create a logo for you from the ground up.

Whether it’s a performance polo you wear on a golf outing or a cool screen printed tee you don for a casual stroll in the Old Market or afternoon at the zoo, Omaha Promos can put your brand on your body (and the bodies of your staff and employees!) in such a way as to fit your budget while gaining you the exposure you deserve.

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Clear Totes for Security Checkpoints


It’s a brave new world for sports fans, one that unfortunately revolves around heightened venue security at large scale athletic events. (Football is near and dear to the team here at Omaha Promos, we’re born and bred Husker and Steelers fans here for the most part).

As a way to enhance safety and expedite fan entry into arenas, organizations like the NFL, PGA and virtually every big college football stadium around the country have instituted a “clear bag only” policy. So, Option No.1 is trekking back to your car and leaving your unapproved handbag, duffle bag or backpack before entry. Option No. 2 are 12x12x6 or smaller clear totes from Omaha Promos.

Clear totes are not only practical and eminently affordable, but they are a super way to get your business or organization’s name out there among throngs of like minded people, other fans! They make for a fine company giveaway or even an affordable employee gift. (We did several hundred of these for a large golf tournament last summer and they were quite the hit.)

Remember: it’s not just custom apparel at Omaha Promos! If you can put your name on it, we can do it.

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New Product Launch: Smart Spot

Bacardi Virtual Jack Daniel's Virtual Fireball Virtual

The lion’s share of our work at Omaha Promos is custom apparel, decorated clothing, uniforms and screen printing/embroidery, but we still do some pretty creative branded giveaways that are affordable and an excellent way to get some name recognition for your company or organization.

Check out these Smart Spots we had made up for a client (a liquor distributor). Versatile – they work horizontally or vertically for most smartphones. Low Cost Direct Mail – folds flat and fits into standard envelopes. Great for Video Chats – keeps your phone upright for easy viewing. Added Value – the surface is a dry/wet erase coating so you can jot a note if necessary. Made in the USA – created using recyclables, so they’re eco friendly.

These little Smart Spots can be used to promote your brand; as an affordable employee incentive; they would make great golf tournament prizes; serve as an excellent self promotion item at your next trade show.

Omaha Promos, your longest tenured, locally based and family owned promotional products and branded merch vendor: more than custom apparel, Omaha!

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Calendars to Custom Apparel

There’s a second generation bicycle shop in Nebraska City called Thurman’s Bike & Sport. While my husband and I do all we can to Buy The Big O!, we do our mountain bike business there because Jim Thurman, the store’s owner, simply redefines what it means to be committed to his customers – kinda like Omaha Promos.

Three years ago, I blogged about the roots of our fourth-generation family owned business. It occurred to me in our last visit to the bike shop we should on occasion pay homage to the founding fathers of our beloved custom apparel and branded merch business (just as Jim does when he talks warmly of the foundation his dad laid for him in business).

My great grandfather started this company in -wait for it!- 1923. That’s a long time ago, right?? His hallmark promotional item wasn’t a diversified array of imprinted, embroidered, decorated or logo items, but rather a simple calendar. He had a printing press in the basement of his house, and the basement had a dirt floor. He sold a lot of calendars…

Today, Omaha Promos wouldn’t be recognizable to my great grandpa. Matter of fact, I doubt my grandfather (second generation owner) would fully appreciate all the changes since he ran our company. From calendars to custom apparel; from trinkets to uniforms; from working on a dirt floor to being fully computerized and sourcing from well over 5,000 custom clothing and promotional products suppliers worldwide – we’ve come a long way, baby!

Through it all, our successes, occasional failures and all the fun and satisfaction we gain in serving our clientele, I can only say this: thank you great grandpa, grandpa and mom for all you did before me. I would not be the businesswoman I am today without you.



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Custom Apparel Omaha Family

IMAG0410The first thing you should know about Omaha Promos is what we’re not: we’re not a corporate leviathan. We’re a small family owned shop, the genesis of which goes back to 1923 if you can believe that, when our current owner’s great grandfather started printing and selling calendars from his basement.

Small and family owned doesn’t translate into “small capabilities” however, we assure you. Omaha Promos does business with well over 5,000 suppliers and we’ve got clients as far south as Texas and on both coasts, including many states in between. In fact, our blessings in business have even tended to surprise us a little bit; that businesses and organizations would spend their hard earned marketing dollars on custom apparel in Omaha rather than someplace closer to them tells us our recipe is working.

Whether you’re after promotional products, trade show giveaways and imprinted items, custom clothing/uniforms and apparel, branded merchandise, logo hats and shirts or anything else you can put your name on, the Omaha Promos family is dedicated to being a leader in our industry.

Sure. Price, selection and short turnaround times are all important in business (and we have all that in spades), but isn’t trust and commitment to the customer the most important element?

Call or e-mail us. We would be honored to have an opportunity to earn your business.

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Branding: More than custom apparel, Omaha!


brandIs your brand fun or serious? Is it friendly or professional? If your brand were a person, what type of person would it be? What is your brand personality?

We know how well branded the big boys are, huge companies like Coke, Nike, Apple and a host of others, but did you know good branding is just as important for your small business or organization as it is these corporate leviathans?

Omaha Promos is your one call does it all (sounds corny, but hey! – we’re just keeping it real) source for custom apparel, however, there are a multitude of ways we can help you establish your brand identity (or refurbish it if it’s in need of a refreshing); it ain’t just koozies and calendars anymore!

Remember, anything that carries your business or organization’s name is a opportunity to make impressions in the field. So when you’re thinking of ways to brand yourself and get your name out there (e.g. t-shirt printing Omaha, promotional items and giveaways, custom shirts and apparel, custom ball caps and uniforms, logo pens and lanyards, branded sports bottles, etc.), please do us the honor of a phone call; we will commit ourselves to the BEST client care and we will provide you the MOST DIVERSE array of options to meet any quantity or budgetary need.

We stake our business reputation, indeed our very brand, on that promise. 

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