Expansion into Kansas City Market!

Barb_09aOmaha Promos, LLC is one of Omaha’s most well established promotional marketing, branding and custom clothing suppliers in the Midwest.

Well, we just got bigger . . .

We are positively pumped to announce the growth of our hard earned reputation as client-centric providers of branded merch and corporate apparel to the great states of Kansas and Missouri! Barbara Stein, beloved cousin (may as well be a sister, truth be told) of owner Denise K. Baker has established a physical presence in the Kansas City market and will oversee Omaha Promos’ operations in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

Barbara graduated from Shawnee Mission South in Overland Park, Kansas in 1979 and holds an Associate of Arts degree in business from the Johnson County Community College. Prior to marriage, running a household full-time and raising three fantastic children with her husband Tony, Barbara worked in the cosmetics industry.

Working women have always been the lifeblood of Omaha Promos. Barbara Stein represents the third woman to hold a significant leadership position with our company. Her determination to serve our KC area clients with enthusiasm is infectious, and we’re honored to have her as an integral part of the Omaha Promos team!

Barbara can be reached at:

barbara@omahapromos.com or (816) 560-6604

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Promote Yourself with Promotional Products!

Promotional items or promotional products sometimes get a bad rap. Omaha Promos has always been your one stop source for custom clothing and corporate apparel, but did you know we’re a registered Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) distributor and we work with over 5,000 promotional products vendors to bring you all manner of branded promotional items and giveaway from the simple to the ornate and obscure.

Why put your name on items you wear or give away? Simple. Promotional marketing it advertising, and you get repeat impressions every time the recipient wears, uses, loans or passes along the branded item(s) Omaha Promos helps you select dependent on your unique style and budget.

What can we put your name on?


For example, apparel, automotive, awards and recognition, badges and lanyards, bags, calendars, candy and snacks, caps and hats, clocks, computer accessories and desk items, executive gifts, food and beverage, golf, healthcare items, key tags, mugs and drinkware, pens, tools and hardware, watches, eco (green) friendly items and more. Omaha Promos has branded everything from snowblowers to Fender electric guitars (nope, not kidding).

Promotional marketing has perennially shown itself to be the most cost effective way to increase brand awareness and both attract and retain your client base! Call Omaha Promos today for a special NEW YEAR 2016 discount offer on any purchase over $500!

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Your Logo is Our Business, Omaha!

Your logo is our business, Omaha! Omaha Promos is the region’s premier family owned supplier of custom caps, custom shirts, team jerseys, custom work wear and uniforms. We can make your company logo stand out with a price point matched to anyone’s budget.

We meticulously curate our product lines to provide our clients the best quality and value available. Our various decorating options, embroidery, digital printing and screen printing enable us to offer custom clothing products with low minimums and set-up charges.

Omaha Promos isn’t the biggest name in the custom apparel/custom clothing and promotional products industry, but we’re as capable as the Walmart’s of the industry and we do it with a personal touch and invested relationship in every customer we are blessed to serve.

We would be honored at an opportunity to earn your custom clothing business.

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Custom Apparel for Small Business

Custom corporate clothing bearing your company or non-profit organization’s name and logo has become a powerful marketing tool for small business. Custom apparel is also an excellent way to have your staff dress professionally and to create a sense of team unity. No matter what type of business you own, or whether it is a small business or large enterprise, custom t-shirts, polo shirts, hats, caps or other clothing is a solid approach for showcasing your company in a positive light.

Listen Omaha, when it comes to applying your brand to clothing, we’ve have everything you need and nothing you don’t! Omaha Promos is your local, family owned, one call does it all superstore for anything and everything custom clothing for your uniform and/or corporate apparel needs.

Employee Branding
Races / Fun Runs
Special Events
Give Aways / Promotions
Retail / Resale Product
Schools / Uniforms
Teams / Groups
Jackets & Coats
Hats & Headwear
Screen Printing

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What is Promotional Apparel?

BG-design-shirtWhat is promotional apparel? Simply put, it’s custom apparel, Omaha! Custom apparel that gets you and your business or organization noticed and remembered.

Thoughtful promotional apparel/custom apparel selection means more impressions for your brand. Think of it as word of mouth marketing which helps others learn about your company or organization.

Omaha Promos has considerable experience in this field. In business since 1923(!), our family owned team carefully considers what our clients needs are and match those needs to custom clothing that fits their particular style and brand.

Whether it’s traditional screen printing, embroidery, emulsion, digital, metallic or textured ink, water-based printing, four color process or anything in between, Omaha Promos can handle any and all custom apparel or uniforms job. Give us a call and mention this blog post to receive 15 percent off any new order over $500 today!

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Promotional Products: What’s the Point?

promotional-productsPromotional products are marketing, plain and simple. They afford you brand recognition and allow for people to associate your brand with something else (as in, the products and services you offer). In an era of uber expensive TV ads and dying marketing forms such as business advertisements, radio spots and newspaper adverts, promotional products remain a viable and affordable way to market your business or organization.

We can take your camera ready art and apply a digitized logo to just about anything. We’ve accomplished some of the most unique promotions you can imagine (or can’t imagine!), from kayaks to snowblowers to Fender electric guitars. It all boils down to your target audience and Omaha Promos helping you find your niche.

Many small business and organizations will opt for more traditional promotional items than those mentioned above. Omaha Promos can supply a wide variety of options and price points on the following:

Custom Apparel/Custom Clothing: Omaha Promos’ bread and butter category, branded clothing items such as t-shirts, hats and caps, socks, gloves and sweatbands. We do a ton of uniforms and high end corporate apparel, and we offer all manner of embroidery, screen printing, appliqué and other decorating services for any need.

Desk Accessories: mugs, glasses, calendars, business card holders and address books, paperweights and executive desk sets.

Business Stationary: notepads and forms, pens, pencils and rulers, business cards and labels, letterhead and thank-you cards.

Branded Bags ‘n Totes: purses/handbags, messenger bags, totes and slings, grocery shopping bags (green and renewable), etc.

A great idea for small businesses and organizations is to trial a number of less costly promotional products to see which resonate with your target audience. Remember though, we will want to try to identify the item or items that will adequately convey a quality brand impression on your potential clients; this is normally accomplished through custom apparel and higher end (yet still affordable!) promotional products.

Call Omaha Promos for all your branding needs. You’ll come away impressed, it’s guaranteed!


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Holidays 2015: Employee Appreciation

employee-incentiveResearch shows feeling appreciated—born of the recognition from others—is one of the top drivers of employee engagement. The good news is, showing appreciation doesn’t have to cost a lot of time or money. Sure, employees love a check—who doesn’t?—but finding ways to engage with them rather than pay them off will result in more loyal, harder working peeps.  And there is no better time than the holidays to show your staff a little love!

IDEA 1: Custom mugs with unique nature-inspired and complementary motifs from Omaha Promos. This beautiful set will have pride of place in any home, be it for special occasions or every day use. From pleasantly textured motifs, modern all-white color and fine bone china quality to the magnetic locking frame gift box, this retail-styled gift set has all the grace and charm for lasting appeal. We love these little mugs, you will too!

IDEA 2: Cobourg decorated wine box from Omaha Promos is a premium rosewood box featuring a red satin lining and stainless steel latch and hinges. The lid opens to reveal a full set of accessories including a corkscrew wine stopper wine spout and foil cutter. Personalized with an elegant laser engraved plaque. We’re wine drinkers, tres kewl!

IDEA 3: Connoisseur cheese basket from Omaha Promos is a glorious combination of some of the world’s finest cheeses: smokey touvelle, herb havarti, creamy gouda and tangy blue cheeses; harvest-fresh apples, pears, kiwis with an assortment of sweet chocolate, cookies and nuts. We may or may not have sampled this basket. Superb! <grin>

Connoisseur Cheese Basket

Omaha Promos isn’t just one one stop shop for custom apparel, Omaha! While promotional products, branded merchandise and custom hats, caps and clothing are our bread and butter, we have a wide variety of employee incentive / employee appreciation gifts that are sure to please this holiday season. And we can tailor your gift(s) to your particular brand, your individual needs and your specific budget.

So go forth, be safe, be merry, and show your staff the love!

P.S. These ideas would rock as client appreciation gifts to boot!

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Brand Awareness via Custom Apparel

Omaha_Promos_Twitter_Profile_PicBrand awareness. 

Simply stated, it is the oxygen of your business or organization. If people (e.g. fans, clients, potential customers and the like) aren’t familiar with your brand, they’re going to go elsewhere. Indeed, people gravitate toward what they know, toward what’s comfortable.

More and more companies (not to mention schools, non-profits and other organizations) have gone to “smart casual” or business casual wear these days, but not all or even most outfits realize the brand awareness potential of having your staff or employees wear custom apparel rather than garden variety polo’s and slacks from their closets. Uniforms and decorated corporate apparel aren’t necessarily the first thing an owner or manager might think about, but rest assured, these can be valued added items in your overall marketing and branding strategy. Why not get free impressions every time your staff is seen by people?!

Custom apparel is what Omaha Promos does, and in spades. We have clients from as far away as California and Texas to multiple surrounding states. We’re innovators when it comes to the newest decorating techniques, so if you think your custom apparel, custom hat, and custom shirt opportunities are confined to the same old embroidery or screen printing you’re used to, give us a call for friendly, personal service and a dazzling array of custom clothing (or promotional products) options which we will tailor to fit your specific needs and marketing budget – guaranteed.

Pack a branding punch. Call Omaha Promos today!

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Xpression Wear from Omaha Promos!

CaptureCustom clothing, from hoodies to t-shirts to decorated polos, caps, hats and more; Omaha Promos is always coming up with fresh and innovating ideas for you to brand your custom apparel. You gotta dress every day anyway, why not fly your company or organization’s flag while you’re at it?

Who doesn’t like a hoodie, particularly as we roll into fall tailgating and football season?! Made in the USA, our lightweight cotton sweatshirt gives customers a fashion look while adding creative branding with our Xpression hood. We can do any logo in the hood lining! And unlimited colors. Or get it in solid colors or stocked patterns. Round your custom hoodie out with a screen printed or embroidered chest logo. Men’s and ladies cuts available.

In quantity pricing available. Call Omaha Promos for details or click through to our Contact Page – most days, you’ll hear from us before end of business!

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Sublimation Printing from Omaha Promos

All-Over-Sublimation-PrintingWe don’t treat customers like a cattle call. Omaha Promos prides itself on being real, building legitimate and long lasting relationships with our clientele. To that end, we strive to keep our customer service warm and friendly, our margins low and our decorating options high.

We also try hard to innovate. Any time we can expand our array of custom apparel decorating options for you, our job gets more fun (really, we dig what we do!) and your custom clothing options get cooler (and sometimes, less expensive). Enter: sublimation printing.

Sublimation printing is a versatile, digital printing method that opens up a world of opportunities to any consumer of decorated goods. There are a few limitations our clients should know about going into a “sub-dye” project (for example, white or light garments are best, and poly only for this process please!), but the upshot is, full color on small runs, lower minimums, the ability to decorate the entire garment, and sublimated decorating is both light to the touch and durable (it will last as long as the item it adorns!).

Don’t let the polyester only requirement put you off. The performance polys of today are nothing like the shiny, thick, weird stuff our dad used to wear, and many special poly blends are as soft as cotton, but better performers (wicking, keeping you cool and so forth).

If you’re a fan of light feeling prints and performance fabrics, why not give Omaha Promos a call? We can tell you if sublimation printing is the right fit for your project, and steer you toward a viable solution otherwise.

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