Employee Holiday Gifts from Omaha Promos

Employee holiday gifts from Omaha Promos should be on your list of things to do this fall, before schedules get busy and time gets short. Custom mugs, decorated wine gifts and cheese baskets are always popular among your valuable staff (Omaha Promos has talked about those gift ideas before), but what are some of the new promotional products and custom apparel options you can use to treat your employees this holiday season?

Here’s one we like, big personality desk signs. Desk signs are a common sight around many offices, but add some lightheartedness to your work environment with clever desk signs to share with your employees.

What else? Omaha Promos can source you a coffee of the month. Or custom coffee mugs. Or chocolate covered coffee beans. What employee doesn’t appreciate a java related gift during the holidays? (Oh, and if you have a staffer who doesn’t drink coffee, a hot chocolate canister is always a pleasant option.)

How about a smartphone projector. If you haven’t seen one of these, they’re nifty little gadgets that allow the user to play videos and show photos from his or her phone. Omaha Promos can get you a smartphone projector for less than you’ll pay retail! A great idea for the gadget geek among your co-workers.

Bar tool sets. Craft cocktails are all the rage these days and invariable you will have an employee or three who are amateur bartenders or cocktail enthusiasts. Make their holiday special with custom monogrammed bar tool sets from Omaha Promos.

We love laptop skins to protect laptop computers in the work environment and/or out in the field. Omaha Promos has several options here with customizable colors and other options. Keep your employee’s laptops in tip-top shape with protective laptop skins.

Among Omaha Promos’ go to employee gifts are coasters! We love coasters! We can do tree bark coasters, leather coasters, ceramic coaster, stone coasters, steel and other metal coasters, rubber coasters, silicone coasters - the list is virtually endless. And of course Omaha Promos can decorate your coaster options with your company logo.

If you have a little more money to splurge with, portable power banks are fantastic holiday gifts for employees! Omaha Promos has rolled portable power banks out before (click through here), but this is a gift idea worthy of repeating. As much as we rely on our phones, tablets and other electronic devices in the workplace, it’s important to keep them charged up for best performance. Portable power banks from Omaha Promos keep your electronic devices up and running, and these great holiday gift ideas are more affordable than you think.

Omaha Promos is your one call does it all vendor for promotional items, custom apparel, custom shirts, custom hats, promo products, branded items, logo apparel and more. Give us a call, you’ll receive the finest customer service in the industry, we guarantee it!

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