Tech Promo Trends from Omaha Promos

red-2020Even with the cost of goods on the increase, promotional products remain one of the most affordable and effective marketing mediums for 2020. The cost per impression on a promo product can be as low as fractions of a cent – lower than nearly any other advertising medium! Combine that value per impression with the fact 85% of consumers remember the advertiser who gave them a branded item or article of custom apparel, and you have an advertising medium that will be attractive to marketers eager to get the most bang for their buck in an any economy.

One of the promotional products trends Omaha Promos believes is going to ramp up for 2020 is a generalized demand for higher quality branded and logo items to include high quality custom clothing choices for your business or non-profit. People are looking for more meaningful products and experiences, and consumers want items that are useful and durable. Gone are the days of cheap trinkets and crap giveaways, replaced by high quality promotional products, trade show items, employee incentive gifts and the like.

Within this greater overreaching trend away from cheap and toward the meaningful, Omaha Promos believes TECH PROMOS are the way to fly in 2020! Technology related promotional items have been gaining popularity the last few years, and with good reason. We're all plugged in!

One of the hottest tech-related promo products Omaha Promos offers are mobile power banks. Like it or not, mobile phones are part of our daily culture and keeping them powered up during work and play has become a necessity. When Omaha Promos places your logo on a custom power bank and you in turn pass these awesome yet affordable customer appreciation gifts (aka marketing tools) onto others, they get used, seen and appreciated. Custom power banks from Omaha Promos come in a wide variety of styles and options, but regardless of what you choose, it’s clear power banks are some of the best high tech promotional items because they fill a universal need: the ability to charge a smartphone or iPad without an electrical outlet.

What else lay on the horizon for 2020? People dig listening to music or podcasts without external distractions or being a distraction to others. Custom headphones and earbuds are the marketing boost your small business may need, while providing fun and value to the people you give them to. Custom earbuds and headphones from Omaha Promos are sure to create buzz among your target audience. They also get your logo out into world. Obviously, headphones have the upper hand when it comes to available advertising space for your brand, but we can put your logo on the earbuds case you select for a valuable marketing opportunity as well.

Omaha Promos ain't done there for 2020! Lastly, flash drives (portable USB storage devices) are nothing new, but they remain popular for fast storage, transportation and transmission of data. We can set you up with custom USB flash drives that will serve your data, documents, photos or other digital storage needs. Options abound including capped flash drives, credit card flash drives, high performance pen drives, novelty flash drives, even key chain flash drives!

Omaha Promos is the Midwest leader in promotional products and custom corporate clothing. We are family owned and operated since 1923 and we're a registered Women-Owned Small Business. Call us today and see how much you like your experience! We guarantee it.


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