Monthly Archives: June 2011

Omaha Promos: Police & Security Uniforms

No matter where you live in the 50 states, you're probably familiar with Signal 88 Security Group.  You tend to run across their uber-cool, wrapped Toyota FJs and Nissan Xterras all over the place.   Shea Degan, president, became a client of Omaha Promos during the early growth stages of his outfit. We labored with…
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Promotional Advertising: Cost v Benefit

Promotional products have a logo, impression or embroidery bearing your business, non-profit, or government entity name. These items are used to promote a product, service or company program.  They create brand awareness and, importantly, they’re appreciated by and useful to the recipient; since these items are used (or worn) many times over, there is a residual, lasting benefit at…
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How to Claim Your Blog in Technorati Using the Claim Token

Trying to gain exposure for your blog by submitting it to blog directories like Technorati?  Me too, but I developed a headache when trying to use my claim token: X578KT8WFXN4 Getting to the point of claim code issuance is one thing, but what to do moving forward was baffling me. Technorati's FAQ is conspicuious in…
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