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What can Omaha Promos do for you in 2021

Happy New Year from Omaha Promos! 2020 was tumultuous to say the least. Every American felt the effects of the pandemic, the lock downs and the political fallout that ensued. None of this means 2021 can't be a safer and more productive year in business, however. And remember, you can never stop branding! We anticipate…
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Holiday Gifts from Omaha Promos

Holiday gift giving is a pastime we all enjoy and appreciate. At Omaha Promos, we know a thing or two about corporate gifts, promotional holiday items, employee incentives, customer appreciation gifts and holiday gifts of all sorts. You may be interested to know the Advertising Specialty Institute or ASI did a study on corporate gift…
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Frosty Fleece Outwear from Omaha Promos

Weather in the Midwest can be -how shall we say this?- unpredictable. This year we experienced an unseasonably hot and muggy September, then we were socked in with a second spring and now, mid-October, it's snowing. Omaha Promos can do anything with a logo on it, literally. While we carry all the staples you might…
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