Monthly Archives: July 2011

Omaha Promos Case Study: Signal 88 Security

I'd rather hang myself with a necktie than wear one for a living (mostly kidding), but the unvarnished truth is, I crave getting off the desk and checking in on clients to ensure they're 100% stoked with the products and services they get from our 88-years-young promotional marketing company. I had the honor this week…
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Customer Service: Good, Bad, Ugly

I just negotiated a new car purchase entirely via e-mail.  That's right.  From initial offer through purchase agreement - all before I had spoken to my salesperson on the phone. To set this up, I telephoned 10 dealerships in Nebraska and Colorado (I had a highly equipped Jeep for trade and I assumed it would…
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Our German Daughter: Love 5,500 miles Away

[caption id="attachment_63" align="alignright" width="300"] Clockwise from front: Gracie, Denise, Jeff, Nadine (Our German Daughter)[/caption] Denise and I were never blessed with biological children, but that hasn't stopped us from mentoring and loving kids in various ways. Aside from being my handicapped little brother Mike's legal guardian until his passing in August, I've not experienced a…
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