Monthly Archives: September 2017

Popular Decorating Methods

Omaha Promos is your one-call-does-it all source for custom apparel, custom t-shirts, trucker hats and all manner of branded merchandise and promotional products for your company or non-profit. So we get a lot of inquiries about the various decorating options available to our clients. Here's a quick tutorial. We hope it helps your understanding of…
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Fall Promotional Products from Omaha Promos!

Fall is our favorite time of year here at Team Omaha Promos. Cool, crisp air. Leaves turning colors. Tailgating. Football. And, yes, scary movies and Halloween! Fall is an awesome time to ratchet up brand awareness for your company or non-profit by giving out cost effective promotional items and custom apparel to your valued friends…
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Hands Free Lighting from Omaha Promos

Whether you're on a dimly lit work site, enjoying fall camping or reading in bed, hands- free lighting is highly useful for just about anyone¬†and these promotional product gifts are perfect for promoting your brand. Why? Because studies show people enjoy receiving promotional products so long as they hold some measure of utility. That means…
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