Monthly Archives: October 2018

Customer Appreciation Gifts from Omaha Promos

Your customers are your No. 1 commodity, the very lifeblood of your small business. Clearly, Omaha Promos like all for-profit businesses enjoys forging long lasting relationships with our valued friends and peers in the industry, but our client base is what keeps us going, keeps us innovating, keeps us hungry to provide the very best…
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Frosty Fleece Outwear from Omaha Promos

Weather in the Midwest can be -how shall we say this?- unpredictable. This year we experienced an unseasonably hot and muggy September, then we were socked in with a second spring and now, mid-October, it's snowing. Omaha Promos can do anything with a logo on it, literally. While we carry all the staples you might…
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Promotional Giveaways from Omaha Promos

Promo giveaways or promotional item giveaways are a great way to keep your business in mind through the distribution of affordable, practical branded gifts! For this week's installment, the team at Omaha Promos will run readers through a variety of solid and useful promo giveaways that are sure to increase awareness of your company or…
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