Benefits of Custom Clothing from Omaha Promos

L574_dressbluenavy_model_front_042015_90baee69-b01e-4e0a-a1fb-f8748506f17aCustom apparel is one of Omaha Promos' staples. We have a long track record of creating full-line uniform and custom corporate apparel arrays for clients ranging from schools and universities to one of the most prominent private security contractors in the United States, Signal 88 Security.

Omaha Promos started out with Signal 88, another Omaha based,  homegrown company, back when they only had a couple accounts. Today Signal 88 has over 100 franchises around the United States. Omaha Promos created individual, full-line uniform security and corporate apparel arrays for multiple climates in the US. There is no mistaking the look and brand of the company now and their look is a testimonial to the innovation and industry knowledge of Team Omaha Promos!

So how can personalized, custom clothing benefit your business no matter how big or small it may be? Omaha Promos would argue there are several ways we can help you in this vein! And you don't have to be a nationwide outfit with 100 franchises in order to reap the rewards of custom clothing either!

First, recognition. Your company, your team, your brand identity - they are all unique unto you. Your look, your message -again, your very brand- needs to be refined and displayed in such a way as to convey not only what you do in business, but who you are. What does your brand say about you? Here's the thing about branding - you're doing it even if you think you're not. Your brand, your look and the way the public sees you is your very reputation. Let Omaha Promos help manage your brand, because if you're not actively managing it, your competitors will. Choose from limitless looks, styles, sizes, colors and decorating options for your custom clothing options from Omaha Promos. Call us today for a free consult!

Next, team unity. There are studies out there that prove the validity of this age-old mantra: "You look good you feel good, you feel good you do good!" Your team, be they managers or lower level staffers, will appreciate flying your corporate flag when you present them high quality embroidered polo options, custom t-shirts for casual Friday, decorated windbreakers for the spring rainy season, custom trucker caps and customized baseball hats (something of a specialty here at Omaha Promos) and custom beanies and outerwear with your company name, colors and logo prominently displayed for everyone to see. We carry literally all the big brands you can imagine too.

Other benefits: professionalism. Crafting a professional message through custom apparel, branded client appreciation gifts, custom holiday gifts, trade show items, promotional products for your general marketing needs and the like is just good business. Putting your people in a custom line of corporate apparel from Omaha Promos will instill a sense in your staff that you're not only committed to investing in your business, but you're likewise committed to investing in them. Your employees are the lifeblood of your business, and if they're treated professionally and outfitted professionally with custom clothing options, well, market research suggests you'll have happier, more productive workers to deal with. So invest in your brand by investing in your staff's appearance! It will pay dividends, we assure you.

Remember, Omaha Promos is your one call does it all custom apparel, promotional products and promo items, green promotions, customer appreciation gifts, leave behind gifts, trade show giveaway and branded logo items distributor in the greater Omaha and Kansas City metro areas. We do business in 20+ states and specialize in everything from koozies and travel tumblers to custom liquor branded giveaways. Omaha Promos is fourth generation family owned and operated since 1923!

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