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New T-Shirts from Omaha Promos

Stain Imaging is here at Omaha Promos! Never heard of this awesome new t-shirt style? We're here to educate you right in time for beautiful Springtime weather. Stain Imaging is a new way to logo and decorate your custom business or non-profit t-shirts to give away to your valued friends and peers, to sell in…
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Supply Chain Disruptions and How to Combat Them

It's no secret the US supply chain, indeed the global supply chain, has been massively disrupted due to a variety of¬†conditions related to COVID, e.g. lock downs, voluntary but temporary shuttering of businesses, workers staying home or being forced to home source, etc. Inventory shortages, higher prices and longer production and fulfillment times have been…
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What can Omaha Promos do for you in 2021

Happy New Year from Omaha Promos! 2020 was tumultuous to say the least. Every American felt the effects of the pandemic, the lock downs and the political fallout that ensued. None of this means 2021 can't be a safer and more productive year in business, however. And remember, you can never stop branding! We anticipate…
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