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Protect yourself from Coronavirus with Omaha Promos

Omaha Promos understands there are divergent views on the novel Chinese coronavirus, how much a threat it poses to average Americans, and how we should be dealing with it from both healthcare and economic related standpoints. It seems plainly obvious you can't catch the virus from people you're not around, but not being around people…
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Tips for Developing Your Brand

                  This month Omaha Promos will delve into various tips and strategies for developing a strong brand for your business. One of the most important concepts here is brand consistency. Your messaging and imaging has to be on point and completely consistent, otherwise people are left with…
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Valued Added Custom Garments from Omaha Promos

We're going to share an industry secret or two about how you can boost your bottom line with custom clothing and decorated wearables! In order to do that, however, you need to make sure your branded apparel gets noticed and creates multiple impressions for your clients. Follow these surefire steps to custom clothing success with…
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