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Summer Promo Items for your Business

Bomb cyclones and crazy springtime weather continue to effect us here in the Midwest, however, summertime is right around the corner and, with it, the need for businesses and non-profits to consider their options for seasonal promotional products that will make a lasting impression on their customers and fans. Omaha Promos' friends and clients are…
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Gifts for the Golfer by Omaha Promos

In golf and in business, it's wise to choose a strong partner. For golfers, superior product performance is what matters, and for anyone shopping custom golf accessories for their company or non-profit, superior product knowledge is paramount. Enter, Omaha Promos. Omaha Promos is your one stop shop for all things custom golf accessories and golf…
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Spring 2019 Promo Products from Omaha Promos

Note: It is with a dark pall over our hearts we roll out our latest Omaha Promos blog post. Here in Nebraska, thousands of lives, families, homes, businesses, farms and animals have been severely impacted by floods. Omaha Promos has made a financial donation to the relief effort, and we ask you to find it within yourself…
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