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Small Business Survival in the COVID-19 Environment

The COVID-19 tragedy unfolding across our nation is not just a grave healthcare issue, but a juggernaut of an economic one as well. Our elected leaders both local and in Washington are tasked with striking the oh-so delicate balance between preserving life and keeping the nation's economy from being harpooned in the side and sent to the…
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Spring 2020 Promo Items

Omaha Promos specializes in custom apparel, corporate clothing, identity-wear, branded merch and other innovative methods of self promotion for your company or non-profit, however, putting your logo on something and giving it away doesn't have to cost and arm and a leg.   Savvy business owners leap into spring, taking advantage of this perfect time of…
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Summer Promo Items for your Business

Bomb cyclones and crazy springtime weather continue to effect us here in the Midwest, however, summertime is right around the corner and, with it, the need for businesses and non-profits to consider their options for seasonal promotional products that will make a lasting impression on their customers and fans. Omaha Promos' friends and clients are…
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