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Christmas Marketing for Small Business

Omaha Promos is a family owned, family-centric company with roots in Omaha, Nebraska and Kansas City, Missouri. Our currently women-owned and women-operated small business was founded by our great grandfather in 1923, so Omaha Promos has been in business in the same industry with the same family running operations for a staggering 95 years! Omaha…
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Promotional Giveaways from Omaha Promos

Promo giveaways or promotional item giveaways are a great way to keep your business in mind through the distribution of affordable, practical branded gifts! For this week's installment, the team at Omaha Promos will run readers through a variety of solid and useful promo giveaways that are sure to increase awareness of your company or…
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Omaha Promos: Success in Promotional Products

Omaha Promo didn't get where we are today without a lot of sacrifice. Abundant determination. A willingness to bet on and invest in ourselves. Omaha Promos does one thing and we do it exceedingly well: We help businesses and organizations increase brand awareness and reach among their fans and potential customers through an innovative strategy of…
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