Football Tailgating Done Right with Omaha Promos

It might seem a little early to be talking about football, but we're winding down July and now is the time to start pre-planning some of your football promotions for the new season! After all, "Week 0" starts on August 26th, 2023 (NCAA), so our favorite time of the year is literally just a few weeks off now.

Love tailgating? Team Omaha Promos sure does. And the rest of the country does too. College football fans in particular are well known for packing up their SUVs, trucks and campers with coolers full of food and drink, barbecue grills, lawn chairs and promotional products. Football is that much more fun when you spend the day celebrating (and partaking in adult libations if that's your jam) with family, friends and fellow football fans.

Regardless of whether you have tickets to the big game, you can have a lot of fun and increase brand awareness for your company or non-profit while doing it by utilizing promotional products from Omaha Promos. Perhaps you are going to hold a corporate event for some pigskin-related fun this fall - Omaha Promos has all the tailgate necessities you could want in order to get the pregame party started and rolling well after the first kickoff! Here are but a few examples.

Foam Fingers 

Foam "We're No. 1!" fingers the quintessential college football promotional product and something our fans and customers really get a kick out of. The classic #1 foam finger may be the most recognizable game day promotional product in fact, and they come in lots of shapes and sizes. These are super self promo marketing items (we can put your company's name and/or url on them). They're inexpensive, we can print them in your team's colors or your company colors if you're feeling daring, and you still show team spirit with these great game day gifts!

Foam Rocket Footballs

Can't throw a football in a spiral to save your own life? Have no fear, Team Omaha Promos is here, and coming to your Saturday (or Sunday) rescue with Foam Rocket Footballs. Think of an old school foam football, but with the end of a dart attached to the back side. These stabilizing fins allow just about anyone to throw a perfect ball in the parking lot or back yard while waiting for the big game to come on. A near limitless variety of shapes, sizes and colors are available from Omaha Promos, and they're soft so you're not going to damage anything with an errant throw! Get out of the way, Peyton Manning!

Can Coolers

Omaha Promos knows can coolers (can coolers are often referred to as Koozies, but that's the registered trademark name for a specific product). Everyone at your company tailgate or backyard barbecue needs an Omaha Promos can cooler! We have collapsible fabric can coolers, neoprene can coolers, zip-up can coolers for bottles, hard foam can coolers (the old school-cool ones your dad used to use), slim 8oz can coolers which are great for many of the seltzers and spritzers popular today, solo cup can coolers and more - the list goes on and from football tailgate promo experts, Omaha Promos!

Lawn Chairs / Camp Chairs

Ever notice there never is quite enough seating at a big tailgate party? That's where Omaha Promo comes in. Today's folding chairs aren't the clunky old aluminum and green-webbed relics of your grandfather's era. Omaha Promos offers a huge selection of lightweight, portable, compact and convenient folding chairs for camping or tailgating (or watching the kids play soccer - just a thought). Omaha Promos' line of folding chairs offer full customization with imprint area on front and back. All our portable chair options fold up with ease and some drop into carrying bags for easy storage in your vehicls. Many, many available styles and options, call us today to inquire.

Stadium Seat Pads

Once the tailgating is over and you head into the stadium, you're gonna need something to protect that backside from what is normally pretty uncomfortable stadium seating. We all know typical stadium seating can be cold and hard on both the buttocks and low back, but now you can pad your bleacher seat with fun, colorful, logo pads that are waterproof and long lasting. Our most popular stadium seats are die-cut EVA foam with built in grab handles and a large, square design offering plenty of real estate. And of course Omaha Promos can fully decorate your custom stadium seats with your company logo. Nothing like increasing your brand awareness with tens of thousands of people around to see.

Call Omaha Promos today for the most innovative and affordable high quality promo products, custom clothing and corporate apparel, branded merchandise and promotional items you can find anywhere!

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