Mo’ Summer Promos from Omaha Promos

summer-fun-carl-purcellSummertime is our favorite time of year here at Omaha Promos. Nothing beats putting the frigid air, ice and snow of winter in the Midwest behind us for another few months. We love lawn care, grilling and smoking on the patio, bike rides, the whole bit. Omaha Promos loves summer!

Summer is the primo time for you to increase brand awareness with trendy promotional products your fans and clients can use on their warm weather adventures. So what are some of the best, most useful, fun and trending summertime promo items you can source from your promotional products, branded merch and custom clothing experts at Omaha Promos? Here's a list of useful summertime promo gifts that will not only prove of value to the people you give them to, but are sure to improve how people view you in the marketplace.

  1. Custom Trucker Caps. Omaha Promos line of one-off, totally customized trucker caps are awesome to behold, fun to wear, fit great and appeal to both young and old. This is one of Omaha Promos specialties - you give us your logo and we do the rest, designing 3-4 concepts for you to select from. These hats are a huge hit, never go out of style and are way more affordable than you might think!
  2. Tote Bags. Omaha Promos has dozens of lines of custom totes which are perfect for soccer and baseball game outings, trips to the pool, backyard picnics at the in-law's or trips to the beach if you're lucky enough to live near the water. Seriously, Omaha Promos mantra is you can never have enough totes! Get your custom tote quote from Omaha Promos today!
  3. Infusion Water Bottles. We are serious water drinkers here at Omaha Promos, and not just during the summertime. Water keeps your skin and body healthy and keeps your appetite satiated. We like to drink infused water and Omaha Promos has literally dozens of lines of custom water bottles in just the right shape, size, color and logo options for you.
  4. Cooling Towels. Summertime means activity time! Omaha Promos is a company owned and run by outdoorsy, active people. We love CrossFit too, so it will come as no surprise to hear Omaha Promos sells about a million (maybe even a jillion?) cooling workout towels that are the perfect remedy for your sweaty brow on a hot, summer day of golfing, hiking, lifting or mowing the lawn.
  5. Slap Wrap Can Coolers. Omaha Promos is big on custom coolers and koozies (can coolers). Our line of full-color, full-custom Slap Wrap Can Coolers were a huge hit when we introduced them to our customers a couple years ago. Check out all the buzz by clicking through here to an old blog post.
  6. Miscellany. Don't see what trips your trigger by way of custom clothing, branded gear, logo wear, promotional item or promo gift above? Think about all the other things you might use (or give to others) bearing your company name. If you can put your name on it, Omaha Promos can do it! Omaha Promos has custom lip balm and custom bee's wax, custom hand sanitizers and custom sunscreen products, custom sunglasses, custom bottle openers and a whole host more!

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