Popular Decorating Methods

Omaha Promos is your one-call-does-it all source for custom apparel, custom t-shirts, trucker hats and all manner of branded merchandise and promotional products for your company or non-profit.

So we get a lot of inquiries about the various decorating options available to our clients. Here's a quick tutorial. We hope it helps your understanding of Omaha Promos' capabilities in the custom apparel arena.

Embroidery: Simply stated, this is the use of thread applied by a high speed computer-controlled embroidery machine to create an image, logo or lettering on a garment. Just about any fabric can be embroidered, but embroidery tends to work best on heavyweight cottons. In the interest of full disclosure, some people view embroidery as a bit old fashioned in an era of more technologically laden decorating options, but Omaha Promos believes embroidery still has its place in the promotional products/custom apparel world.

Screen Printing: This is a process wherein ink is forced through a screen and onto a garment. It's economical and is therefore popular with a good number of people looking to do custom hats and custom shirts (as but two useful examples of screen printing applications). Special inks can add color and texture to your screen printing project, but multiple colors requires multiple screens which will inch up the cost of the work.

Direct-t0-Garment Printing (DTG): This is a four-color process that uses an ink cartridge and prints just like a desktop printer. The cool thing about Direct-to-Garment Printing is it creates photo-realistic images with water based ink. It is best suited for small runs of, say, 250 pieces and under. DTG is awesome for white and light garments with high cotton contents.

Sublimation: Sublimation transfers an image from paper to man-made fabrics such as polyester by using special heat sensitive inks. When placed under pressure and high temperature, the ink turns from a solid to a gas, thereby bonding the substrate. The imprints are durable too - they won't crack or fade over time.

As always, Omaha Promos can do anything you can dream of relative to custom apparel and promotional products to increase brand awareness for your company. Just give us a call or hit us up via the Quick Contact form and we'll be happy to lead you through your various decorating options for your next big promotional project!

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