Promo Items Are Marketing Gold

promopowaOmaha Promos has a reputation for excellence, quality, selection and after-sale customer support when it comes to all things custom apparel and custom clothing or uniforms.

That said, the staple of any promotional marketing company is branded merch.

You might have heard these types of items referred to as "promo products" or "promotional items," but at the end of the day, we're really just talking about gear, merchandise and clothing bearing your company's logo. It's that simple.

Promotional products enjoy a high conversion rate, meaning, the more people who are exposed to your brand and enjoy a favorable first impression (through a branded gift or other useful item bearing your company logo), the more likely they are to call you (or call you back) when it comes time for them to order promotional items or custom clothing.

A lot of small businesses struggle trying to identify cost effective ways of getting their name out there. Omaha Promos would suggest promo products or promotional marketing items are among the best ways to increase brand exposure!

Here are our reasons why.

  • Folk like promo products! Who doesn’t enjoy getting a gift? A large majority of people participating in an industry survey said they like receiving a promotional product with an advertising message! Take advantage of people's love affair with promos!
  • Building brand awareness! Some people will keep your promo gift, others will pass it on to someone else - either way, you get repeat brand impressions. Out of sight, out of mind is the death knell for any business, so stay on the radar by giving out branded gifts and custom clothing items from Omaha Promos!
  • Boost your sales! Market data say 75 percent of all consumers do business with an advertiser after receiving a promo product from them. Omaha Promos marketing strategies will result in positive conversion rates, it's guaranteed!
  • Create goodwill! Customers, prospects and employees all appreciate receiving a freebie. A useful or fun promotional product creates a positive impression of your company - which means lasting goodwill.
  • Be memorable! In our experience, the majority of people will remember your company after receiving a promotional marketing gift from you. And it bears repeating, if you're remembered, you're probably going to get a phone call!
  • They’re useful! If you choose a promotional item recipients will value, they will use — and appreciate it — often. Again, this speaks to an increase in exposure for your brand.
  • Versatility! Omaha Promos offers thank-you gifts, customer loyalty gifts, employee appreciation gifts and employee incentives, trade show or conference giveaways, leave-behind items, green and renewable gifts - the list goes on and on.
  • People keep 'em! Sixty percent of all consumers keep promo items for up to two years. More than half say they use a promotional item at least once a week or more. In comparison, an ad or billboard gets glanced at once or twice, if you’re lucky. And don't even get us started on the cost (and ineffectiveness) of radio advertising.
  • Custom is King! There are thousands of promotional products available in a wide range of price points to meet any budget and marketing objective. Omaha Promos has custom clothing, custom drinkware, custom writing instruments, custom outerwear, custom baseball caps, custom mugs and thermoses, custom coolers and more! If you can put your name on it, Omaha Promos can do it!
  • Target your audience! With promotional products from Omaha Promos, you control the distribution of your message, resulting in a powerful marketing effort and better return on investment. Why? Because promo products work and they're affordable.

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