Rules of Branding by Omaha Promos

brandBrand strategy is a moving target. Get it right and you connect consumer behavior with your company's core capabilities. Get it wrong and your prospects will invariably be doing business with someone else.

Omaha Promos is a leader in the branding industry. We do one thing and we do it exceedingly well: We help businesses and organizations increase brand awareness and reach among their fans and potential customers through an innovative strategy of promotional products, branded merch, custom apparel and uniforms.

Want more name recognition through a branding initiative with Omaha Promos? Pull up a chair, here are some things you need to know.

Strong brands are unique. They say and do something different than other brands. Don't be better than your competition, be different than them. For example, anyone can perform the role of order taker for your promotional products and custom apparel needs, but Omaha Promos has the distinction of being one of the longest tenured companies in the industry, and our enthusiasm for innovation and creating the perfect brand strategy for you is what sets us apart from the rest. We lead with our story (est. 1923!) and our commitment to our valued clients.

Strong brands answer the why. When you call Omaha Promos for your custom clothing, green or renewable promotions, customer appreciation gifts, custom koozies or whatever you want to put your company name on, we'll tell you why you need to buy from us, why our product line is more diverse and boasts higher quality than that of our competition, and how you can parlay your marketing investment in Omaha Promos into a measurable increase in brand awareness in the marketplace.

Strong brands bet on themselves, but many don't know how to. Omaha Promos has grown from a modest, Omaha area clientele to having offices in both Omaha and Kansas City, Missouri, and we do business with companies and non-profits in about 20 states. We didn't achieve the success we currently enjoy in the field of promotional marketing without having a vision of the future including a hypothesis for where the marketing world will be several years down the road. When it comes time for you to invest in your own promotional gifts, custom t-shirts, custom embroidered polos, custom can coolers and custom writing instruments or custom mugs, make sure you partner with the visionary in the industry, Omaha Promos; we know what you need now and how you'll have to evolve as time marches on.

Strong brands take risks. Omaha Promos was enjoying some success through the early 90s, but we ultimately decided to take a bold risk on ourselves - we embarked on a re-engineering of our company, our brand, our website and the way we do business. You have to be willing to invest in yourself, invest in your company, and promotional products, custom clothing and uniforms are part of that investment. Just because you've been doing something for a long time doesn't mean you're doing it effectively or that your processes cannot be improved. Be wary of old business models simply because they're comfortable. Be bold, invest in yourself, and partner with Omaha Promos when it comes time to AMP YOUR BRAND!

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