Summer Shirt Sale at Omaha Promos!


Omaha Promos announces its annual summertime Custom T-Shirt Sale! Act no later than June 14th 2020 and enjoy both 15% off any shirt sale over $500 and free setup with a positive Google Review of Omaha Promos, LLC!

So look. There are many ways your small business can bring attention to itself. Many companies try e-mail blasts, direct mail campaigns and pushing their message via social media to get the word out about their products and services. All great ideas, but what about turning your valued friends and peers into walking billboards with custom shirts from Omaha Promos? Literally - free advertising!

The design of your custom t-shirt is a pretty big deal. In order to effect a solid return on your investment, you need something that's fun and stylish to look at while being comfortable to wear. Omaha Promos offers more styles, sizes, fits and fabrics than you can shake a stick at, but you have to consider colors and logo design/logo placement too. The message you convey has to be clear: your brand is hip and cool, and anyone who sees your custom shirt project will want to be associated with you!

Omaha Promos will assist you with a custom t-shirt design even if you don't have a concept in mind - we're creative that way! If you don't have camera-ready art, Omaha Promos can help you with that too. You have our promise that the final product will be something you can be proud of. Your custom shirt project will capture people's attention regardless of who is wearing it, your clients, your prospects or your staff!

We know people enjoy creative clothing options from Omaha Promos, because it's what we do, but let's talk about cost for a moment. You might be thinking a fully custom t-shirt from us  is going to set you back big time, but nothing could be further from the truth. Omaha Promos works with over 6,000 suppliers to source you the exact custom clothing or uniforms your company needs and can afford. Now it is true the old, dated and boxy 100% cotton t-shirt has fallen out of favor for more athletic cuts with performance wicking fabrics and soft-to-the-touch or "retail feel" materials, but the thing to remember about any branding strategy, particularly branding via custom clothing (custom t-shirts, specifically) is paying for quality is never a poor investment.

Omaha Promos is your one call does it all vendor of creative promo items, promotional products, custom apparel, custom clothing, trade show giveaways, renewable promotions, custom totes, custom koozies, can coolers, coolers, employee incentive gifts, client appreciation gifts and all things logo and branded. Call us today for a free consult, or hit us up via the Quick Contact interface on the Omaha Promos website, you won't regret it. You have our personal guarantee!

Remember: Act now to get in our summertime Custom T-Shirt Sale! Act no later than June 14th 2020 and enjoy both 15% off any shirt sale over $500 and free setup with a positive Google Review of Omaha Promos, LLC!

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