T-Shirt Marketing by Omaha Promos

team_omaha_promosMEMO: If you own or run a small business or non-profit and you don't have a branded t-shirt, hat or other article of custom clothing from Omaha Promos, you're doing it wrong!!

Look, the ineffectiveness of radio spot-ads or direct mail marketing, and the tremendous cost of TV advertising isn't lost on smart entrepreneurs. Sage business people realize there are more cost effective ways to reach potential customers. These methods of advertising are veritable conversation starters that not only provoke curiosity about your company but measurably increase your brand awareness in the marketplace - all the while providing a boost in morale for your staff.

Enter the world of custom corporate apparel for your employees. (And fans!)

Your employees have to wear something to work, right? I mean, it would be pretty weird if they didn't, so why not put your message, your logo, your brand, etc. to work and outfit your folks with custom t-shirts, custom trucker hats, custom baseball caps, or hoodie and fleece jackets bearing your company logo?

Market research has shown time and time again that custom apparel or company clothing as it's called in some circles increases loyalty by contributing to a family or tribe atmosphere and mentality around the workplace.

Company t-shirts might seem like a novelty or maybe even a waste of money, but nothing could be further from the truth, if you know what you're doing. But hey! You don't have to know what you're doing in the realm of custom apparel because your friends at Omaha Promos know! And here are the design concepts we suggest you keep in mind as you (we) create your custom piece of logo apparel for staff, customers and prospects.

Logo! Yeah, you need a logo. At its most basic, your logo is your main branding tool, as it exposes all who see it to who you are and, in creative cases, what you do. All marketing materials -not just a custom shirt- need to bear your logo and wouldn't be the same without one. So client appreciation gifts, trade show giveaways, fun freebies like can coolers and even your stationary and business forms - they all should bear your logo.

The next consideration Omaha Promos is going to pitch you when you consult with us for your branding, marketing and custom clothing needs is to incorporate your company's URL. If you can work your business URL into the overall custom t-shirt design (don't worry, Omaha Promos has a lot of practice here!), your new company shirt becomes more of a walking billboard than just a shirt staff and adoring fans can wear. Any marketing effort, however small, however slight, will pay dividends in the end. Drive more business to your company's home page or fan page with the simple addition of your URL on your custom clothing item.

Finally, again within the confines of the size/shape/style of the custom garment you're considering, team Omaha Promos often suggests we incorporate a call-to-action in the scheme. Implore people who see your walking billboards to take action, e.g. to visit your website or to call your company for a free, no obligation quote. Every little bit helps your conversion rate.

By the way, if you want a free, no obligation quote for promotional products, promo items, custom clothing and anything else related to your marketing needs, please call or e-mail Omaha Promos' devoted team today!

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