What can Omaha Promos do for you in 2021


Happy New Year from Omaha Promos!

2020 was tumultuous to say the least. Every American felt the effects of the pandemic, the lock downs and the political fallout that ensued. None of this means 2021 can't be a safer and more productive year in business, however. And remember, you can never stop branding!

We anticipate another hot year of sales of PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment. If and until enough of the covid vaccine finds its way into use, face coverings and masks will likely remain the norm as most employers, businesses and public venues require the use of face coverings and masks.

Omaha Promos offers logo bandannas as a low cost way to effectively cover the face and catch the wearer's cough or sneeze. Note: These are almost universally compliant with local mask mandates, but double check prior to ordering. The next step in effectiveness and style are personal face shields from Omaha Promos, available in cotton, fleece or polyester and with or without removable liner pockets inside the face shield. The last category and the one offering you and those around you the most protection from corona virus is the N95 mask available from Omaha Promos, a multi-layer, dust-proof medical grade mask like the ones you see doctors, nurses and first responders wear.

But hey, it's not all about the covid! For 2021, custom bags, totes and drawstrings offered at a reasonable price will likely remain popular because of their sheer utility, plus they offer an easy method to get your brand out into the public eye. Omaha Promos offers all manner of custom totes and custom bags in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. We will identify the right style for your needs and detail your decorating options. Omaha Promos is committed to providing you with a bag featuring a retail look and feel without breaking the bank.

What else? Well, just because we're past the Christmas holiday doesn't mean Old Man Winter is through with us by a long shot. Now is the time to think about affordable and creative custom cold weather clothing and corporate apparel options from Omaha Promos. And we have plenty on sale! For example...

Custom beanies are always a hit with employees and clients. Stylish, warm and versatile, our custom beanies are cute on both guys and gals, they're easily portable if you decide to take the beanie off and they're versatile, working well for a night on the town or a camping weekend. Custom beanies make for fun customer appreciation gifts too because people will appreciate and actually use your company beanie - and again - what better way to spread your brand around than by having loyal customers wearing your logo inspired custom clothing out on the town?

Lastly for this month we'll remind you of the 2-3 season versatility of custom hoodies and sweatshirts. We offer a selection of custom hoodies a mile long! Choose from top brands such as Adidas, Champion, Columbia, Nike, Oakley, Russell Athletic and many more. We have athletic fit hoodies as well as the a more traditional, roomier fit. We can do full zip hoodies, pullovers, drawstring hoodies too. And we offer every style and fabric you can imagine, from 100% Cotton to wool, various performance blends, nylon, fleece and polyester - anything you need.

So yeah, 2020 was a mixed bag, but small businesses will get through this together. For 2021, remember to keep your branding options varied. Call Omaha Promos today for all your promotional products needs, or anything related to custom branding or corporate clothing!

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