What’s the Best Giveaway?

What's the best giveaway? Well, that depends. The best giveaway is different for every company or organization and changes depending on your mission or event. Looking for various promotional products to put your logo on? Do you need tradeshow giveaways? Or maybe employee appreciation gifts.

Where to start? First, think useful and/or reusable. Omaha Promos can offer you dozens of neat ideas on different reusable logoed items so as to afford your brand more impressions per marketing dollar. Of course, you’re not forced into a reusable promotion. Food items are always a hit for groups. Logos taste better on chocolate bars and jellybeans, doncha think?

Want more examples? Calendars. Despite the crush of technology, many of us still rely on calendars to supplement their electronic devices. Another staple is the venerable coffee cup. That can be a very cool giveaway if, well, if the cup is cool! You can count on a decent ink pen as an appreciated gift too. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean high cost here, and conversely you can spend a fair amount of money on writing instruments that don’t flow ink well or feel good in the hand; we’ve sold tens of thousands of pens over the decades and it’s sometimes hard to know what you’re getting into without some direction. So just ask!

Gifts or promotional items bearing your organization’s name are always a wise way to spend some of your marketing budget. Logoed gifts create brand awareness and, importantly, they’re appreciated by and useful to the recipient; since these items are used many times over, there is a residual  benefit at no additional cost to the advertiser (you). Other forms of marketing can’t make that claim.

Finally, ponder this: Omaha Promos’ market research suggests half of all households have received a branded promotional product in the last 24 months, and of those households, a staggering 90 percent of consumers surveyed could recall the name of the advertiser. Wouldn’t you enjoy having your company name or logo on those items?

Feel like brainstorming? Visit our searchable catalog page at OmahaPromos.com/catalog for inspiration or give us a call at (402) 991-9171.

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