Why Use Promotional Products?


Omaha Promos is in the business of increasing your company or non-profit's exposure in the marketplace via public awareness through innovative promotional marketing to include custom clothing and corporate apparel, logo office supplies, branded tech promotions, trade show giveaways, green promotions, employee incentive gifts, client appreciation gifts, custom t-shirts, custom trucker caps and beanies, custom golf items, custom can coolers, beach balls and everything in between. Literally, anything you can put your company name on, Omaha Promos can do!

But what makes promo products (promotional items) so effective as a method to market your brand? In this post, Omaha Promos lists a few common objections to the purchase of promotional products and why promo marketing is right for any business!

Objection 1

“Why should I put my logo on a pen or key chain? Nobody remembers the name of the company that advertises on those trinkets.”

Reality: Turns out, market research proves people who receive logo items/promotional items are happy they have received them! More importantly, respondents to our survey say they remember the brand involved upwards of 94% of the time when dealing with custom t-shirts and custom baseball caps; custom writing instruments and custom awards hold at about 85% retention; even office supplies and custom desk accessories are retained and remembered 67% of the time. Point is, people do appreciate promotional items from Omaha Promos and they d0 remember your company name and logo on those items.

Objection 2

“Is someone really going to change their opinion of me just because I sent them a pen? I doubt it.”

Reality: 42% of end-users have a more favorable impression of an advertiser (that would be you!) after receiving an item with said advertiser's name or logo on the item. This is especially true for custom shirts, custom caps and other custom wearables, but favorable impressions abound with custom logo totes and custom writing instruments as well.

Objection 3

“Sure, my client is going to love to take the free stuff I give him. But that won’t make him any more likely to do business with me.”

Reality: Nearly 25% of end-users are more likely to do business with the advertiser of the promotional items they receive. Custom calendars, custom writing instruments, custom shirts and custom awards lead the pack in this realm, and Omaha Promos has lots of choices in all areas to meet the price point you desire.

Objection 4

“I bet nobody really holds onto a promotional pen. They probably go right in the trash.”

Reality: Omaha Promos believes in quality promotional items, branded apparel, logo items, custom apparel, custom caps and all the rest of the product line we carry. The fact of the matter is, if you give your client, prospect or fan a useful and high quality promotional item or piece of logo apparel, they will most often retain it, reuse it, rewear it - and that means increased brand awareness with repeat impressions along the way. Custom writing instruments are very strong performers in this realm, as are custom t-shirts, custom baseball caps, custom mugs and custom glassware, all available from Omaha Promos.

Objection 5

“Other than maybe a T-shirt, my guess is that clients aren’t going to keep anything I give them.”

Reality: Typical promotional products other than custom t-shirts from Omaha Promos are kept -this according to market research- at least seven months! That's a pretty nice return on your promo marketing investment, because every time during that seven month period your recipient uses the promotional product you gave them, your brand realizes another impression. And oftentimes when you're outside the seven months we're discussing here, the original owner will give the promotional item to another person, extending the practical lifespan and advertising power of the item all over again!

Remember, Omaha Promos is your one stop shop for all things promotional marketing, branded apparel, custom clothing, uniforms and related! Call or hit us up via the Quick Contact form today, we promise to deliver! Now with offices in Kansas City (Omaha Promos Kansas City).

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